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Resumes make the initial impression on recruiters and employers. Unfortunately, unless your resume carries the right impact, it can also be your last impression! Much has been said and written concerning resumes, yet writing a resume for a senior professional is especially difficult. For every challenge related to creating a resume, there is a workaround that will help you progress in your search for a senior role.

Every week, hundreds of resumes are seen by HR professionals, recruiters, and employers. A recruiter spends between six seconds and half a minute to decide whether to shortlist a senior Resume. To ensure your profile is properly assessed by the hiring team, it is essential to include relevant information on your resume. Recruiters might not pay heed to a temptation of highlighting an achievement, for example. In order to be a viable candidate for the desired job, it is important to list pertinent information that demonstrates one's qualifications.

It should be noted that, even though a senior professional's career profile can be extensive, their Resume should never exceed two pages. Having clarity about what to leave out of your resume is just as important as knowing what to include. Take caution when including details like Passport Number, as they are only necessary in certain circumstances. Only when asked for should many details be provided.

Even during a job crunch, those with the right set of skills are always sought after and thus receive interview calls. Your resume could be the culprit if you are not receiving any calls or if recruiters are not considering you for the appropriate jobs. Rather than stopping your job search in such a scenario, it would be wise to work on a better resume with the help of an expert, professional resume consultant.

Working with a resume writer may be the right choice, even if you feel you know your career best. Despite the limited time you may have to give your resume the attention it deserves, an experienced resume writer will comprehend your professional aspirations and make sure that your resume accurately portrays them. Resume writers who are professionals are aware of the best practices for recruiting, and can craft your resume accordingly. Based on the industry vertical that you work in, they can often provide advice on resume content, format, and styling.

Could your resume be preventing you from progressing?

It is essential for a professional at a senior level to effectively present their credentials.

Be amongst those highly qualified and deserving senior candidates who take into account the critical success factors that go into the making of the 'right resume'. In conclusion, ensure that the necessary information is included in your resume, keep it concise, review it frequently, and, if uncertain, seek professional help in creating your resume.

A professional resume may be just what you need to make it through the initial stage of your job search.


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