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Let's discuss in this article some essential elements that will ensure that your resume not only stands out, but also creates an urgency on the part of the hiring manager to call you. By following just a few rules, you will be able to craft a compelling resume that instantly sets you up as the ideal candidate for any job you choose to apply for - as you will see. By taking a few moments to tailor your resume to the company you are applying to (which is simple once you know how to do it), you can make the hiring manager feel like your resume was made just for them. That is why they will be among the first to reach out to you for an interview.

Number One : Let us begin at the start. At the top of your resume, your complete contact information should be the first thing you include. This consists of four items:

Your full name

Mailing address

Phone number


You may be surprised to learn how many people forget to include either their phone number or email address, or both, in their information! Not including this information gives a negative impression to the hiring manager, as expected. By including it at the top of your resume, you save the hiring manager from having to search for it and make it easier for them to contact you.

2. Maintain simplicity in formatting. I wanted to highlight this point separately as you get ready to write your resume, even though it could have been included in the section on "What to avoid when writing your resume." To summarize: Keep it straightforward and uncomplicated. Steer clear of the following:

Ensure that you use text only.

No lines, borders, or shading should be used.

 no graphics, logos, or fields.

No templates or PDFs were included.

No page numbers, headers, or footers.

No underlining or special characters

The possibility of your formatting being improperly transmitted or delivered when you submit your email electronically increases greatly, which can easily result in you being instantly disqualified. It has been estimated that up to 75% of resumes go unseen due to improper formatting.

Keep it simple.

It is OK to use all caps where appropriate and to use bold or italics; on the other hand, too. Though these should be used sparingly, they can be utilized to emphasize a particular point.

Think of key words. Your headings, summary of experience, and previous job descriptions in your resume should reflect the specific position and job posting you are applying for. Taking time to tailor your resume for each job you apply for may be time-consuming, but it will pay off greatly. 1. I have two dogs.

I possess two dogs.

Include a two to three sentence "Summary Section" at the top of your resume that highlights the skills and experience that make you suitable for the position. Neglecting to include a summary section when writing a resume is a mistake as it is an easy and quick way for a hiring manager to quickly scan and make a judgement on whether to read the resume further. Taking just a few minutes to do it correctly will make this task both easy and highly effective.

When applying for a job, examine the job description closely and identify the required skills, duties and responsibilities. In the summary section, I should list that I am an aggressive prospector/hunter who is comfortable making outbound calls.



By taking the time to ensure that your resume matches up with the hiring manager's desired qualifications, your resume will stand out among the hundreds of others that have not done the same. By including keywords such as "aggressive," "hunting," and "outbound calls" in your summary section, you can emphasize to the hiring manager that you possess the qualities they are looking for, and make it clear that you are the ideal candidate for the job. I assure you that they will continue to read through your resume.

Including Your Previous Experience: When relevant, use the listed keywords to describe your previous job experience at other companies. Ensure that the same keywords are used in every outbound call you make. I would like to have an ice cream cone.

I would enjoy having an ice cream cone.

At Safeco International, I achieved success through making a high volume of outbound prospecting calls. In this hunter role, I was able to acquire up to five new appointments daily.

As you list your previous job experience, the hiring manager will once again nod in approval, thinking, "This is the kind of person and experience I am looking for." For each of the previous jobs you had, you should tailor your resume with the appropriate job description, which is easy to do if you keep a copy of it in front of you.

Transform a mundane description into an exceptional resume by adding details that will make it stand out from the competition!

Boring Resume:

At Safeco, my role was to source leads through online research in order to identify businesses that matched our criteria. I was assigned the job of making outbound calls to set up appointments. After scheduling meetings, I called back to present our solution using a ClearSlide presentation. I also have experience with Sales Force and other CRM systems.

Have you yawned yet? Is the hiring manager sure? To turn this around, here is how.

At Safeco International - a leader in cloud computing - I was an upper-tier producer on an inside sales team of fifteen representatives. I sourced my own, high value leads independently and also aggressively hunted new accounts by cold calling and setting up to three new appointments daily. Having thoroughly qualified these prospects, I then delivered targeted closing presentations, often having the highest closing percentage in the office. I was consistently among the top three closers in the office, due to my consultative yet focused closing approach. With my experience with Sales Force and my ability to quickly learn and adapt, I am proficient with most CRM systems. I am excited to utilize the comprehensive approach to sourcing, developing and closing leads that I have learned and developed at Safeco in my next position.

Which of these resumes would you like to call now? Do not disregard this as additional work. Doing it again is easy and it will make a tremendous difference to the person reading and evaluating your resume. Your resume could be discarded or you could be called to set up an interview based on it, which can often make a difference.

#Number Four: Promote Yourself! Many people fail to realize that their resume is essentially a personal advertisement, which is quite astonishing. Craft your resume as if an ad copy professional were tasked with selling you to a hiring manager. Previous job title: Outstanding Account Representative who prides himself on providing detailed customer service and timely responses for a complete customer experience. Do you notice the difference?

Focus on being creative and creating a captivating representation of yourself. In assembling your resume, you must again strive to sell yourself to the person reviewing it. You wish to stand out from all the other mundane resumes they receive. With a little bit of effort, you can accomplish that. Here are some additional examples for you.

Award-winning Inside Sales Representative renowned for consistently exceeding expectations. He is an aggressive outbound caller who is proud of his "hunter" mindset and is dedicated to surpassing sales quotas.

I am an Inside Sales Professional with a winning mentality who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Any inside sales team would welcome a proven producer with a can-do attitude.

As a producer with a proven track record of quickly adopting new sales systems and selling methodologies, I am dedicated to investing the necessary time and energy to achieve success.

These types of descriptions can be used either in your beginning summary or at the end of your work experience section. Great conclusions to the end of your resume can also be made by them. To make a strong impression with the hiring manager - as I'm sure you are beginning to see - is the point. Rewriting your resume according to the techniques learned here and customizing it for the position you are applying for will give you a distinct advantage over your rivals.

At the end of your experience section for a specific job, include any testimonials you may have received. Ask your referrer to mention that you would be welcomed back for rehire, and keep these short as a bonus. I have an appointment this afternoon

I have an appointment later this afternoon.

A PRODUCER OF HIGH ENERGY and an AGGRESSIVE PROSPECTOR. He was known for frequently leading the team in both production and attitude. I WOULD APPLY HERE AGAIN, AND WOULD DEFINITELY BE OPEN TO REHIRE. of marketing, will present the new product

The new product will be presented by Michelle Keller, V.P. of Marketing. The Sales team at Safeco INC. is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

If you receive any awards for achievement or bonuses, make sure to keep a record of them. Examples of recognition for a job well done could include certificates, names on a top producer plate in the office, trophies, special mentions in emails, or in the company newsletter. Mention any trips you have won or bonuses you have been paid, whether daily or weekly, in addition. These should be mentioned at the end of your resume in the "Conclusion," or "In Summary" section. A good example could be using solar energy to power a home.

I was a frequent winner of the weekly cash bonus at SafeCo International, awarded each Friday to the top producer of the week, and I was also awarded a spot on the Closer of the Month Trophy three out of twelve months.

The 2015 President's Club winner and recipient of the 'Weekend Away' Award Trip is...

The special awards and acknowledgements you have previously earned will make you stand out, and demonstrate to your future employer that you have been successful in the past, and will continue to be successful in their company.

Hiring managers typically review resumes to ascertain that an applicant is likely to be successful. They are looking for candidates that will be a "low risk" hire and as close to a "sure thing" as possible, since hiring a new employee is both time consuming and costly. You can convince them that your skills and experience perfectly match their job requirements by taking the time to customize your resume and then selling yourself to them creatively and enthusiastically.

By listing your accomplishments, testimonials and awards, you will make potential employers feel not only comfortable with you, but also eager to hire you while you're still available.

Isn't that the kind of impact you want your resume to create?


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