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Making a choice on what format to use for your resume is the initial major decision to be made when crafting it. The appearance of your resume is determined by the format, font, and structure that you select.

Two main formats commonly used are the chronological and functional formats.

Should You Use the Chronological Resume Format?

The most widely used format is a Chronological resume, which is also the easiest to create.

In a chronological resume format, your job experiences are listed beginning with the most recent and continuing backwards in time.

Employers can use this to observe your advancement in the career field. This format will allow employers to assess whether you have the necessary qualifications for the job you are applying for, should you remain in your current career field. Changing career fields may not be beneficial for people.

What are the Benefits of Using the Functional Resume Format?

Creating functional resume formats is more difficult and they are not widely utilized. In situations where people are changing career fields, however, they are suitable.

The format of a functional resume is more focused on highlighting skills and abilities. The focus of this format is on accomplishments and progression, with a non-linear approach.

Other than paid jobs, you can list experiences.

Employers will be able to observe your growing skills that make you a suitable candidate for the job.

By combining the two resume formats, some people can gain the benefits of each and avoid their shortcomings.

Format for a Scannable Resume

You may have to use another type of resume format known as a scannable resume. Nowadays, many employers store resumes in electronic databases. These databases scan resumes.

As old scanners can sometimes dramatically change the look of your resume, this can lead to some problems.

Creating both a scannable and a printed resume to bring to interviews can be beneficial.

You can create a scannable resume in order to overcome this. A traditional resume, stored as a plain text file with minimal formatting, is known as a scannable resume.

What is the ideal length for a resume?

When creating your resume, you must also decide on its length. There is no definitive length for a resume.

The length of your resume may vary depending on your circumstances.

How much space you need to compactly and precisely list your relevant skills and accomplishments will determine the length of your resume.

If you are an entry-level candidate, you should have a one-page, neatly-typed, and compact resume. A two or three page resume can greatly impress employers for professionals with a lot of experience.

What font do you choose?

Use a simple font for your resume. Nearly all computers recognize classic fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial. There is a risk that the employer's computer will not support the particular font if you use other font styles. If it is too fancy, it may also turn off the employer.

Whenever you are unsure, remember that there are people and resources available to help you.

The employer's eye will be first caught by the information listed at the top of the resume, as it is the most important. The part which will get briefly scanned is in the middle. Unless you get the interview, the bottom part of the resume will not get much attention.

This should be taken into account when structuring your resume.

Consulting free resume format sites on the internet may help if you are having trouble deciding on a resume format. You can pick out a format that is best for your situation by using the samples they provide.

The overall presentation of the document will be formed by factors such as resume format, font, and length. Your resume serves as a tool to promote your skills and abilities to potential employers. The format and style of a resume can give an employer insight into one's communication and organization skills. The format of your resume is thus very important in ensuring its proper presentation.


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